Mission statement:

Our mission is simple – to provide tournaments for schools interested in working with other T.K.D. schools, where you and your members will not have to travel miles away to enter good quality tournaments (most charge way over the odds, but deliver poor service and poor awards).

The only condition we have for schools looking to take part in L.T.S.I. tournaments is that officials MUST be supplied for the day. Those officials taking part will get lunch and drinks during the day.

Event Venue:

Event Showcase:

L.T.S.I. Tournaments Contact US

13 + 9 =

  1. Only 425 allowed to enter - register NOW to guarantee entry
  2. Online Entry System NOW LIVE
  3. ​Fully matted event (6 rings, 7 by 7 metre), ensuring your safety always
  4. Best bespoke awards by far every time
  5. Fully insured events
  6. First aiders on site
  7. Public canteen on location
  8. Free meal for all officials
  9. 600 plus spectator seats provided (bleachers).

e-mail: ltsihq@sky.com

07960 476124

gen choi3



General Choi Hong Hi

1918 - 2002, I.T.F. TaeKwonDo

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