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Looking for Tournaments, I.T.F. TaeKwonDo styled Competitions or Open T.K.D. Championships? We welcome you to the NEW and IMPROVED 2017 L.T.S.I. Open TaeKwonDo Championships on-line website. The purpose is mainly to promote our tournaments and bring ‘hot off the press’ videos from members and schools that have taken part in them. We have also added a results table that list the winning schools of all tournaments in the last few years. In time, we hope this site will encourage all U.K. schools to take part in our open TaeKwonDo tournaments and help them become the premier events of the year in the South East of England. To find all information on any of our championships, please use the navigation bar on the top.

Since 2004, there has been one goal – to deliver events that work for all affiliations. We are are blessed to have so many with the same goal as us. General Choi would be proud of us, as unity is possible.

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For XV South East Opens 04/03/18

12 years and under inc. BB’s 8.30am | 13’s+ Colour Belts 12 noon | 13’s+ Black Belts 1pm


Meet the organisers:

Master Chris Snow VII Dan

Tournament Organiser , Coach of St. Albans TaeKwonDo

Mr Stuart Smith V Degree

Tournament Ring Supervisor , Coach of Smith TKD

Miss Tracey Leonard

Entries and Administration officer, L.T.S.I. Admin

Important Message:

Thank you to the 46 schools / groups that attended. It was an amazing day. We thank all officials that, as usual, worked so hard on the day and gave up their time free. A massive thank you also to the Instructors that back our vision to unite TaeKwonDo as one through open events.

Why our TaeKwonDo tournaments?

We feel all practitioners should try L.T.S.I. TaeKwonDo Tournaments as they are open to all I.T.F. TaeKwonDo groups around the U.K. The L.T.S.I. host two events per year and these are both open. Our first one is the hugely popular South East Opens which usually has between 300 to 400 competitors taking part – we are confident that NO other group based within a 30 mile radius can say their events are better, fairer or offer the same real value for money.

Our TaeKwonDo tournaments are fully matted and insured. The event is attended by all I.T.F. styles and Independents from all corners of the U.K. This event is classified by many as the one to win. There are a minor few we have banned from our events over the years for not following our ethos as they have disgraced themselves – we live by the tenets and will uphold the founders’ last wish to bring all TaeKwonDo back together, even if it is on a small scale.

How we created the English T.K.D. Opens

The second event was the invitationals – this was strictly by invite only and was only open to those that attended our main event above. Due to popularity, this has been renamed to the ‘L.T.S.I. English Opens’ from September 2012 – getting 450 competitors a time, it really is popular.

All our events are held at a multi million pound sports complex in Hertfordshire University – we are confident that no other U.K. group will offer a relaxed event with such a high class of attendees. All events are about building unity and friendships. Those that support us are not just supporters, but are a network that wants all corners of the TaeKwonDo community to unite.

So come try our events and see if they suit you. If you are open minded and looking to be part of something really special, we truly believe we have the answer. Your members will love our events, but don’t just take our word for it.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events very soon.

Master Chris Snow VII

(on behalf of the organising committee)

This event is only open to all TaeKwonDo groups, not other styles. Sign up today and be part of what many say are the best tournaments in the U.K.

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TaeKwonDo Pure 2018

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  • Of all clubs return yearly 89%
  • Agree fairness is always in place 93%
  • Agree our events are real value for money 97%

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  1. Only 425 allowed to enter - register NOW to guarantee entry
  2. Online Entry System NOW LIVE
  3. ​Fully matted event (6 rings, 7 by 7 metre), ensuring your safety always
  4. Best bespoke awards by far every time
  5. Fully insured events
  6. First aiders on site
  7. Public canteen on location
  8. Free meal for all officials
  9. 600 plus spectator seats provided (bleachers).


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General Choi Hong Hi

1918 - 2002, I.T.F. TaeKwonDo

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