Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the L.T.S.I. has taken the decision to host the 2020 IX English TaeKwonDo Opens on line. The following rules will be observed at this event


How it will work –
This will be primarily a pattern event. The ‘Master Snow Challenge’ is also being held – this will be split into 12 year olds and under sections and 13 years and over sections. The Master Snow Challenge is optional.

 All competitors to enter by filling out the entry form on
 Once you submit the form, your payment must be sent within 24 hours to qualify
 No refunds will be given once entered
 The competitor must attach a YouTube link of their pattern on the form provided
 The L.T.S.I. will then embed your video on our website into the category you are in

 The competitor must perform their current pattern, or one under
 The competitor must be in their full dobok in an open space (preferably on grass, patio or in a hall)
 The competitor must appear fully on the screen (full body footage to qualify)
 All competitors will score:

1. 1 to 3 is classed as a standard pattern
2. 4 to 6 is classed as a good pattern
3. 7 to 9 is classed as a very good to perfect pattern

  • All competitors’ videos will be judged by 5 judges the week before the competition – the highest and lowest scores will be deducted, leaving the three remaining as the final score
  • All scores will be under each video the next day after the judges have scored it. Please note, a top score of 27 does not mean you have won – it just makes you a finalist.
  • The top three finalists will be notified by email to attend the live zoom event on 4th October
  • All finalists will start on 0 regardless of your prelim scores to make it fair

The Master Snow Challenge

12 year olds and under to do full front splits before pattern – the most flexible will win
Toes must be pointing up and legs to the side of body

13 year olds and over to execute side kick before pattern – the best kick wins section
Foot must be fully turned on standing leg
Foot formation must be in place
Punch over top of kick
Height of kick may determine best kicker

The Finals
 You will be sent a Zoom link and password before the event
 Follow the link and enter the password
 You are all set up and ready to go
 Before the event, you will be sent an email of time to be on Zoom
 On the day, enter into Zoom – you will be placed in the main room
 You will be taken to the finalists’ room next (please accept invitation to join)
 You will then be called to the judges’ room to perform individually
 You will then be sent back to the finalists’ room once your scores are given
 Once all competitors have played off, they will be informed of their placements in the judges’ room

What you should know

1. On the Zoom session, the supervisor will ask you a question to ensure the pattern shown is not pre-recorded. This will result in a DQ if not live
2. Scores for finalists will be shown at the end of the performance so all competitors can see
3. Judges will score by score cards provided by the L.T.S.I. beforehand
4. These will be shown to the camera once you have played off
5. Finalists of the category will wait in the finalists’ room until all three competitors have finished
6. Finalists will return to the judges’ room to get results
7. All awards will be sent to your/your Instructors address the following week


The L.T.S.I. will put a judges’ registration up on 1st August 2020. We are looking for 15 3rd Degree and above officials


 Judging is the same as normal L.T.S.I. events – 1 to 9 points
 Anyone interested in being an official should register asap
 The L.T.S.I. will send a form with your categories to judge a week before the event
 You should watch each video and write your score down at the end
 All videos can be found on
 Please email the category form back by 27th September
 The L.T.S.I. will add the score for each competitor and place finalists on the site
 All finalists will be emailed for live contest


 We will email 10 judges to assist on 4th October
 The Zoom code and password will be sent to you at the same time
 All finalists will appear individually
 After each student has competed, please use the score cards sent to you by post
 Hold these up until the Senior Supervisor has read them out
 All competitors will be called back to judging room and results announced
 This category will then be asked to leave the meeting
 All finals will be recorded by Zoom

 Event to start at 10am – judges for group 1 will be placed in the judges’ room
 There will be a 30 minute dinner break
 Event two starts at 12.30pm – judges for group 2 will be placed in the judges’ room
 Judges can do both session if they wish
 Judges must be suited and booted on day please

Event Venue:

Venue Address: Hertfordshire Sports Village, DeHavilland Campus, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, AL10 9EU




07960 476124

Event Showcase:

Showcase : L.T.S.I. run events on a not for profit basis with charity at heart. Independently ran events mean no politics and no ego's.


L.T.S.I. Tournaments Contact US

15 + 2 =

  1. Only 425 allowed to enter - register NOW to guarantee entry
  2. Online Entry System NOW LIVE
  3. ​Fully matted event (6 rings, 7 by 7 metre), ensuring your safety always
  4. Best bespoke awards by far every time
  5. Fully insured events
  6. First aiders on site
  7. Public canteen on location
  8. Free meal for all officials
  9. 600 plus spectator seats provided (bleachers).

gen choi3



General Choi Hong Hi

1918 - 2002, I.T.F. TaeKwonDo

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